Purr Party with Special Guest – cat Kitty!

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21 September: 3 pm-8 pm
Purr Party!

Event for all cat lovers! No dogs allowed 😉

Address: Creators Space, Mrakmur Studio 2, 218 7th Street E, St Paul, MN 55101. (Basement)

Mrakmur and Jana Komaritsa welcome you to the first event of artist’s cat-themed shop Purr Party! Jana is a Russian-born multidisciplinary artist, currently based in Saint Paul, MN.

Featuring special guest – owner’s cat Kit Kat Kitty!
Kitty will be celebrating his 14th Birthday!

Meet Kit Kat Kitty, one happy cat and his friends! Kitty grew up at the farm in far North Dakota where he discovered the world of the wild. He then moved to the City and while hanging out outside in the street, playing under the Big Fur Tree, he met his great friends, Orange Cat and Black Cat. Kitty loves his life and his friends! They like to play together outside, scratch their claws on the trees, play hide-and-seek in the bushes, chase local dogs, roll in the dirt under trees, meow and purr! They always have a great Party!
Come on and join this adorable cat in this Purr Party!

This event partners with Diabetic Cat Help group (http://diabeticcathelp.com/). This group is dedicated to the treatment of feline diabetes called Tight Regulation. Kitty is a diabetic cat. Jana discovered this group online and only after 6 months of administration of TR treatment Kitty was in remission and stays in remission until now! 10% of all Purr Party sales during this event will be donated to this group.

+ Special guest – CEO of Purr Party – cat Kit Kat Kitty, who will answer all your questions! And if you don’t understand cat language, the translator will be available 😉
+ Purrs, meows, scratches, belly rubs and more!
+ Art exhibit “Mystery of Cats” featuring several local artists:
Jana Komaritsa, Stephanie Kinney, Izzy Burger Welsh, Debra George and Cat Toy Theatre: https://www.cattoytheater.com/
+ Purr Party art showcase (everything handmade with love and care)
+ Silent Artwork Auction (all proceeds from the auction will go to Diabetic Cat Help group)
+ Refreshments
+ No cover. Donations appreciated but not required.

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